See it at Park Here, a pop-up indoor park at OpenHouse Gallery,  located in SoHo at 201 Mulberry St., NY, NY. The installation will be running every day from 4-6pm, January 8th - 30th.

Seasonally Affected is an interactive video installation created by Calli Higgins. A blustering winter landscape is accompanied by a seesaw in the center of the room. When two individuals start teetering back and forth, they control a wave of summertime imagery that soars and stretches across the wall. This is surreal therapy for those of us suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Created in Big Screens, a class at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, this was initially designed for the IAC's 120 x 11 ft video wall, composed of 22 projectors controlled by 3 separate computers. The piece has since been redesigned to work with a single projector, making it practical to display in locations outside of the IAC. The interaction is controlled by a wireless accelerometer placed on the seesaw. The main program was developed in openFrameworks, the visuals in After Effects, and the accelerometer communicates with the system via Arduino and a Processing application.

Footage from ITP’s Big Screens show:

by Calli Higgins